Charles and Georgina

Pastor Charles ministers in Ghana and lives with his wife Georgina and their four children. Charles Nyane is a graduate of Pacific Life Bible College. Upon graduation Charles returned to his home in Ghana to continue his ministry there where he founded the Word Alive Missions Association-a charitable organization established as a result of the desire to see the Nzema Districts of Ghana changed for life. The desire to evangelize indigenous Nzema with the gospel of Christ and to promote the welfare of village dwellers motivated the establishment of the Word Alive Missions Association.

The primary goal of the mission is to evangelize and provide basic amenities within the rural communities of Nzema. There is very little industry in Nzema and other rural communities in Ghana; the majority of people are peasant farmers and fishermen. Charles and his fellow ministers have worked hard to reach the Nzema community with compassion.

Notable Ventures

The Word Alive Missions Association has undertaken a number of notable projects to provide evangelism and address social concerns.

World Outreach Bible College

The world Outreach Bible College was established in 1996. The missions of the school are to train and equip pastors, leaders and workers for the ministry. The vision is to train men and women to develop tools that will spiritually transform lives and communities.

Since its establishment, the college has trained people from many denominations such as the Methodist church, Catholic Church, Word Alive church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Church of Pentecost, and other church denominations.

Living Stone Christian School

The Living Stone Christian School was established by the Word Alive Missions Association to enable children to gain confidence and live life to its fullest despite the challenges inherent with growing up in rural Ghana.

The Living Stone Christian School gained acceptance by the Government of Ghana in July 1990. The school has grown from 25 students to 260 to date.

Living Stone Christian School has established a scholarship and bursary Program. This program was created to assist needy children; most of the people in the villages which the school serves, are low income earners. Consequently, children either drop out of school or do not attend school at all.

African Children’s Choir

Living Stone Christian School has been involved with the African Children’s’ Choir. The choir works hard to raise awareness of the plight of the African child; the choir seeks to raise funds to support needy children all over Africa. Eleven Children and a teacher from Living Stone Christian School had the opportunity to join as members of the choir and staff on a tour that visited England, the United States and Canada.

Word Alive Children’s Home

In response to an alarming child mortality rate, child abandonment, teenage pregnancy and a growing number of street children, Word Alive Missions Association has established a children’s home to care for sick, neglected, and abandoned children.

The children’s home is a place where youth can have their physiological and emotional needs addressed in a loving nurturing environment.

Word Alive School of Nursing (WASON)

The Word Alive School of Nursing is an integral part of the Educational and Training Department of the Word Alive Missions Association. The association aspires to put tools in the hands of native people that will spiritually transform lives and communities. The vision of (WASON) is to educate and train men and women who will go to rural Ghana and help meet the health needs of people.

The nursing program has been integrated into the bible school curriculum; nursing education provides Bible School Graduates with a very useful skill as they go out and preach the gospel.

Read Word Alive’s July 2008 newsletter. (Attached PDF)

You can support Charles and Word Alive Missions by simply writing Charles on your tithing envelope.

Rural Pastors

Ambrose Anyanwu and Charles Nyane have dispatched pastors to plant churches in the outlying rural areas of thier respective communities. As life in rural Africa is very difficult these rural pastors find it very difficult to sustain and grow their churches in addition to providing for the needs of their own families. The Rural Pastors network is designed to provide financial support to cover the living expenses of these pastors so they can concentrate their efforts on church growth and sustainment.

Please consider supporting these valuable men. All donations designated to Rural Pastors will find them.