BFMS Statement of Commitment

BFMS is committed to the long-term support and development of our National Leaders and the communities in which they live.

Bible Fellowship Mission Statement

BFMS is committed to supporting and enabling national leaders to show compassion within their own communities.

Bible Fellowship Missionary Society was established in 1975 with a broad range of philanthropic and evangelical abilities. Today the society functions primarily as the mission’s arm of Bible Fellowship Church. A Charitable Society was created to allow for a broad range of philanthropic activities. The focal point of the society has been to create long-term and lasting relationships with national leaders through financial support and personal encouragement.

The BFMS Business Model

BFMS has created a rather unique model for conducting international missions. As an alternative to sending Canadian individuals to conduct international operations, the missionary society wholly supports the efforts and endeavors of nationals reaching their own communities with compassion. Supporting local leaders has proven to be efficient and effective in terms of financial support. The society facilitates team and individual visits to our missions sites; the objective of these visits is to encourage those we support. The missionary society has recognized how effectively Nationals are able to:

  • Connect with their own community
  • Identify the needs within their own communities
  • Communicate effectively with key individuals and government
  • Ensure that cultural considerations are addressed.
  • Ensure local ownership and commitment to BFMS supported services and facilities.

We are currently supporting local leaders in Kenya, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Mexico, and India

BFMS Long Term Commitment to National Leaders and Projects

In order to effectively and efficiently support our national leaders we conduct three on-going activities.

  1. The Society’s first priority is to provide for the living expenses of our Nationals and their families. The society absorbs the cost of supporting our national leaders through the support of its constituents.
  2. We enable Nationals to reach their community effectively. The society provides its leaders with the infrastructure and capital required to support services which address their community's needs. Funding for capital expenses is typically provided through a collaborative effort involving an outside source.
  3. We send key individuals or work teams from the society to visit, work, and encourage our Nationals. Site visits mean a great deal to individuals who receive our financial support; that a group of people living in Canada care enough to visit and work with foreign leaders to reach their community is very meaningful to our National Leaders. The society arranges and finances these visitation/working trips through volunteers and self-funding.

Direct inquiries to:

Alex Palmer, BFMS Director
Fax: 604.597.9371